• Wine Flavors and Prices

    RS % indicates residual sugar
    Our wines are produced with 100% New York fruit, other than grapes! This is a list of our currently available wines. The wines we have available change regularly, so please check this list often and come in to try the latest vintages.

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  • Dry Wines

    RS 0% - very dry, refreshing cranberry wine. the wine to drink with turkey dinner!
    Black Moon
    RS 2% - dry, full robust black currant wine
    Mama's Elderberry
    An outstanding semi-dry wine fermented with 100% wild picked elderberries! At 2% RS, it's edgy and vigorous flavor understates it's healthful attributes.
  • Semi Dry / Semi Sweet Wines

    Red Raspberry
    RS 3% - semi dry, lusciousĀ red raspberry wine with a tantalizing aroma and tartness that craves another sip!
    Blushing Goose
    RS 3% - semi sweet/tart gooseberry wine. Very complimentary with meals.
    RSĀ 4% - full and juicy with a distinctive tartness.
  • Sweet Wines

    Black Mead
    RS 4% - rich wine with black currants and honey. Sweet and pleasantly sharp!
    Sweet Amos
    RS 6% - a sweet apple, raspberry & strawberry wine. Its fruitiness compliments chocolate!
    RS 6% - richly fragrant & flavorful. The combination of ripe apples and wildflower honey delivers perfect balance and the most stunning finish. Sweet and dynamic!
  • Hard Ciders

    Strawberry Glow
    RS 5% - sparkling apple cider with strawberries! n7% alc 32 oz bottle
    Raspberry Jewel
    RS 5% - carbonated, raspberry and apple hard cider
    RS 3% - sparkling hard cider with cranberries and raspberries. Tart and semi sweet. 32 oz squealers
    RS 5%- sparkling hard cider sweetened with honey. n32 oz squealers