Our Wines

Our Wines

Our wines are produced with 100% New York fruit, other than grapes! This is a list of our currently available wines. The wines we have available change regularly, so please check this list often and come in to try the latest vintages.

We also have gift cards in any amount!

RS % indicates residual sugar

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Semi Dry / Semi Sweet Wines

RS 3% - semi-sweet, edgy and vigorous flavor of wild elderberries.
375ml. added bonus- elderberries have anti-viral properties.



RS 4% - full and juicy w/a distinctive tartness, like a handful of fresh fruit!

Sweet Wines

Red Raspberry


RS 5% - sweet! Drink this with brownies! Tastes like you picked it right off the bush!

Sweet Amos


RS 6% - a sweet apple, raspberry & strawberry wine. Its fruitiness compliments chocolate!

Two Worlds


RS 5% - cranberries and raspberries. A silver medal winner! Very raspberry, with a tart cranberry finish.



RS 9% - a very sweet and sassy, cinnamon infused apple/cherry wine. Very festive! 375ml bottle

Maple Dream


RS 20% - our favorite dessert wine, fermented from dreamy maple sugar. Tastes like melted maple sugar! Serve w/music and good friends!

Hard Ciders

Apple Sweetie


RS 5%- Hard apple cider, sweet and slightly sparkling. 32 oz squealer

RS 3% Hard apple cider with blueberries and black currants. 6% alc, 32 oz squealer. This one's a little less sweet.

Hard cider spiked with raspberries! Perky!

Honey Meads

RS 2% - a distinct blueberry essence that's punctuated by honey! Surprisingly dry and light.

RS 3% -Honey and flowers combine in a semi-sweet, light and fragrant mead. Smooth!

Queen Bee


RS 3% - a semi sweet traditional honey mead



RS 5% - mint and honey style mead, especially tasty with dark chocolate!

Black Mead


RS 4% - rich wine with black currants and honey. Sweet and pleasantly sharp!

Red Mead


RS 5% -Black Mead's sweet sister! Cherries and honey combine for a rich flavor reminiscent of grandma's cherry pie!