There are many things that make beer and wine very different from one another. One of these differences is how they are made. While both beers and wines start off as the same thing (grapes or grains), there are many steps in their production process where they end up taking two completely different paths to get to the final product. These differences can be seen in everything from what kind of glass you should drink them out of, to what foods each type goes best with! So let’s take a look at some surprising differences between beer and wine.

1) Wine starts as grape juice while beer begins as malted barley or wheat;

2) Beer has been around for at least 5,000 years longer than wine;

3) Alcohol Content Beer contains an average of 5% ABV (alcohol by volume), while most wines have a 10-14% ABV rating. While most beers fall within the 5-6% range, there are some extreme outliers in both directions. Wine can range anywhere from 7-15%, but it is more common for them to be on the higher end than lower end of that spectrum;

4) Wine comes with different types of flavors such as oak or vanilla; whereas beer typically tastes like malt and hops.

5) Color is different – wine gets its deep red, purple and blue colors from contact with grape skins during fermentation while beers get their colors from the malts they use in brewing which vary in shades of brown to black.