The History Of Beer And Wine

The History Of Beer And Wine

Starting with the earliest evidence of fermentation. Discuss how these drinks have been used in religious ceremonies, social gatherings, and more. Look at the different types of beer and wine available today, and explore the various brewing and winemaking techniques...

The Difference Between Wine And Beer

The Difference Between Wine And Beer

Most people know that wine and beer are both alcoholic beverages made from fermented grapes. However, there are actually several key differences between the two drinks. For one thing, wine is typically made with just the juice of the grape, while beer is made with the...

5 Surprising Differences between Beer and Wine

5 Surprising Differences between Beer and Wine

There are many things that make beer and wine very different from one another. One of these differences is how they are made. While both beers and wines start off as the same thing (grapes or grains), there are many steps in their production process where they end up...

5 Superfruits with unique health benefits

5 Superfruits with unique health benefits

The world of superfruits is vast and varied. From the vibrant, juicy peaches that keep your skin glowing to blueberries' anti-oxidant properties against cancer cell growths, these fruits have one thing in common — they are all delicious! Here's a quick list of some...

Wine Storage: 5 All-time Wine Storage Ideas

Are you a lover of wine? Do you have a challenge in storing the wine at home or even the wine bottles? Some of the wine bottles are treasures. You don't want to throw them away. At the same time, you have issues with storage. The scenario is worse when living in a...

The Wine Making Process

The Wine Making ProcessPeople never understand the difference between wine and beer. Although they are all alcoholic drinks, there is a difference. All of them go through the fermentation process. Wine is made from fruits and berries, while beer is made from grains....

How Wine is Made

How Wine is Made While you sit at the tasting bar enjoying the many and varied flavors you can take in the scenery of Cloverdale - home to a once-famous dairy cooperative - Cloverdale farms. You will not see any homes, cars, power lines, or man-made objects, just...

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