Are you a lover of wine? Do you have a challenge in storing the wine at home or even the wine bottles?

Some of the wine bottles are treasures. You don’t want to throw them away. At the same time, you have issues with storage.

The scenario is worse when living in a rented apartment where storage is a challenge. In that case, then you need to read on to have wine storage ideas for that perfect look of your living room.

1. Corner shelf

Do you have a corner in your living room that you don’t know what to do with it?

That is when you get your fabricator to come with a plasma cutter to get a clean cut wood carving for the corner shelve.

One advantage of a corner shelf is that it also takes advantage of the upper spaces. Most people use it for placing the flower vases.

Be unique and have a difference. Store your favorite wines. It’s one way of ensuring you give your living room corner a glamorous look.

2. Wine trolley

At times you may want to take your wine in the bedroom or at the balcony or the back yard. It’s a bit cumbersome when you carry the wine bottles from their storage location to the desired place.

If that is the case at home, then the best storage ideal for you is to get a wine trolley. The push kind of device is helpful, thanks to its portability status.

This is a DIY project; if you have an idea in welding, you only need to have some knowledge in TIG welding; with the right tools, you can do fast and easy fabrication works to get a wine trolley with a unique design.

It’s your home, and you have authority and control over what happens in it as far as interior d├ęcor is concerned.

A wine trolley solves the challenges of storage and restricted renovations that come with rented apartments.

3. Wine bar

Who said you couldn’t have a wine bar at home? The stereotypical kind of information people have is the main hindrance to interior decor.

Wine lovers understand the hassles that come with storing wine. Politicians and who-is-who in the society are prone to hosting guests any time or a year.

Such people need a great storage option, a wine bar with a classic outlook is the best solution for such a case.

Here are a few tips to consider when making a wine bar

  • The available space
  • The aesthetic value
  • The location within your home
  • The sitting area

When you want to have a wine bar at home, you need to talk to experts on this such that the contractor can include the idea in the building plan.

A bar is an open plan. At times, that is not the case, and you only need a secure wine storage option.

In this case, then an inbuilt cabinet will serve the purpose.

4. Inbuilt wine cabinets

Introverts love to have their privacy when it comes to storage. An inbuilt cabinet complete with locks come in handy for them.

When you go out on a business trip and bump on a hard-to-find beer brand, you can spend all you have to purchase it.

That is a treasure that you would rather lock in an inbuilt beer cabinet. The reason why wine is placed in a separate cabinet away from other utensils is the bottles’ delicate nature.

On the other hand, you don’t want your kids to have access. An inbuilt cabinet means that you dedicate an entire wall for the purpose.

It also doesn’t make sense to have such a storage idea to have empty shelves. Go for an inbuilt wine cabinet if you are a wine bar entrepreneur; if you need it for home use, go for that if you frequently host visitors.

Is there a need to have all that? What if they expire? Is that not a waste of money? 

5. Wine rack

 A simple option for a wine storage idea that can carry something for your family, then a wine rack is a perfect idea.

It is simple furniture that you can choose to have it made from wood or metal or plastic or glass.

Depending on your house theme, it is the best solution when it comes to a simple yet classic storage option that saves on space.

You have all it takes to ensure you quench your thirst for a beer while at home. Let space not be a hindrance to achieving your dream of having a home bar.

With these storage ideas, you can now choose based on need and storage on what works for you when it comes to beer storage.