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Our Wines

Our wines are all non-grape wines, produced with New York fruit other than grapes! This is a list of our currently available wines. The wines we have available change regularly, so please check this list often and come in to try the latest vintages.

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RS % indicates residual sugar

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Dry Wines

Aronia Berry Wine


RS 0% - dry, earthy berry wine. This fruit is exceptionally health promoting and the wine, while dark in color, is light on the tongue. 750 ml

RS 0% - toasty oak encourages the cherry finish of smooth black currants. This dry red is rich in tannins and excellent with spicy foods. 750 ml

Semi Dry / Semi Sweet Wines

RS 2% - semi-dry, edgy and vigorous flavor of wild elderberries.
375ml bottle. added bonus- elderberries have anti-viral properties.

Sweet Summer Blueberry


RS 3% - a delightful taste of summer. semi sweet blueberry wine pairs with cheesecake or lemon marinated steak 750 ml



RS 4% - full and juicy w/a distinctive tartness, like a handful of fresh fruit! 750 ml

Sweet Wines

Red Raspberry


RS 5% - sweet! Drink this with brownies! Tastes like you picked it right off the bush! 750 ml

Sweet Amos


RS 6% - a sweet apple, raspberry & strawberry wine. Its fruitiness compliments chocolate! Our only three fruited wine, named for our three-legged wine dog, Amos. 750 ml

Blue on Black


RS 5% - sweet blueberries with the tart twang of currants. A new fav! 750 ml

RS 4% - sweet raspberries with the tart zip of cranberries. A must with your turkey dinner! 750ml

Plum Delicata


RS 6%- Aromatic and fruity, sweet, delicate plum. 750 ml. Exquisite with Asian cuisine. Or just alone ;)



RS 9% - a very sweet and sassy, cinnamon infused apple/cherry wine. Very festive! 375ml bottle

Blueberry Dream


RS 12%- delectably, thoroughly all-natural blueberry sweetness! 375 ml bottle

Maple Dream


RS 20% - our favorite dessert wine, fermented from dreamy maple sugar. Tastes like melted maple sugar! Serve w/music and good friends! 375 ml bottle

Hard Ciders

RS 2% Hard cider that's been oaked. Just apples. Less sweet and smooth! 7% alc, 32 oz squealer.

Apple Sweetie


RS 5%- Hard apple cider, sweet and slightly sparkling. 6% alc, 32 oz squealer.



RS 5% - sparkling hard cider with a cinnamon pop! 6% alc, 32 oz squealer.
Wonderful during the winter months!

RS 5% - Hard cider spiked with raspberries! Perky! 6% alc, 32 oz squealer or 64 oz growler for $25.



We will refill your Squealers for $10 and your Growlers for $15
We will fill any growler, even if it's not ours!
You may refill with any Hard Cider we have on tap

Honey Meads

RS 2% - a distinct blueberry essence that's punctuated by honey! Surprisingly dry, light and clean. 750 ml

Queen Bee


RS 3% - a semi sweet traditional honey mead. Great flavor of that luscious honey. 750 ml



RS 5% - mint and honey style mead, especially tasty with dark chocolate! Feel the honey on your lips and the coolness of the mint leaves. 500 ml bottle.

Black Mead


RS 4% - rich wine with black currants and honey. Sweet and pleasantly sharp! We imagine it was the Vikings fav! 750 ml

Red Mead


RS 5% -Black Mead's sweet sister! Cherries and honey combine for a rich flavor reminiscent of grandma's cherry pie! 750 ml